And go.

Do you ever look back on a night that you may have had one too many and thought ‘what the crap was that?’ THAT was my 2019. This is certainly not to say it was the worst year but geez were there some moments that I just wanted to have a do over, then a do over to that do over. I promised too much, had plans that I just couldn’t get to, spread myself too thin, made promises I couldn’t keep, had BIG ideas for Christie Bodden Designs, got rejected from joining the military and well my kids? Okay, my kids are incredible but there were bits and pieces of news that I wish I didn’t have to endure.

I keep most of bummer stuff to myself – ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you I am always ‘good’ when asked how things are, always smiling, always positive. They know my deep dark side too but in the end? It’s important for me to keep my head and mental state above water. So with the ick that was 2019? There were FAR more ‘yay!’ moments! Those are the moments that kept me going, kept me motivated, kept me sane(ish). Those moments will be shared over the course of this month as they all tie into my very, very lax plans for 2020.

The only resolution I have for the year is to grow my bangs out. That alone is going to be taxing so I don’t want to hold any other expectations over my head to have them not come to fruition by December. Wait, this blog too. This blog is another resolution. Shoot. Okay, that’s it though. This will be enough and the other plans and hopes I have – I’ll work my tail feathers off to see that they come to fruition but between bangs and blogging? Oy vey y’all, I may not even be able to go outside.

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